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Vacuum Cleaner Service and Repair Services in Essex

If you are feeling worried that your vacuum cleaner is not working properly, and you will be investing in a new one – don’t worry! We are here – bring your vacuum to us, and we will try our best to repair it. Our professional team is well trained and well equipped to repair any faults and models. If your vacuum is cordless or upright or canister or any other type, our expert service providers know how to fix it. We deal with all kinds of brands as well. Hence, if you are facing the following issues with your vacuum – contact us for fast and reliable services. 

  • Weak Suction

  • Broken wheels

  • Clogged or worn roller brush

  • Broken belt

  • No electric power

  • Clogged or split hose

  • Weird noises

  • Smell due to burned motor

  • Damaged electrical cord, wire or plug

All of the above are common problems, and our technicians have enough experience to service and repair them!


At Tyamie Vacuum Care, we aim to provide premium quality repair services so that our customer can reuse their vacuum cleaners. We are the largest vacuum cleaner repair service provider in Essex. Over time, our company has gained massive trust in our clients. You can see 5-star recommendations from them, and it indicates our passion for providing complete customer satisfaction. Our team consists of professional members who are diligent and hardworking. All our staff believes that a benchmark quality needs to be maintained in all our service activities. Hence, we have developed a smooth workflow process for offering simple, effective, and quick solutions. We recognize the value of your money and aim to exceed your expectations.  

We are working on following core principles 

  • Ensure the provision of excellent products to our clients

  • Ensure excellent customer service 

  • Ensure affordable rates. 

It is our responsibility to serve the customers with the best possible solutions. We endeavor hard to make sure that every customer is contented and leaves us a positive review. Our professionals pay focus on the customer’s requirements. As a result, our top-notch services have become quite trustworthy and popular in Essex. 

If your vacuum cleaner can get repaired, then what’s the need to spend extra money on the purchase of a new one. It is best to contact a vacuum cleaner service provider company to get a thorough overview of the vacuum's malfunctioning situation. Sometimes, you might think that the fault is beyond repair, but in actuality, it is easily repairable. Our engineers have apt knowledge and expertise to inspect the vacuum cleaner and then decide accordingly fully.

It is our utmost pleasure that our company has always received positive feedback form clients. We can guarantee you top-notch services that will be executed proficiently. With us, there is no compromise on quality and standards. All our workers strictly adhere to our commitment to offering the best vacuum cleaner services in Essex.

We are located at a prime location and conveniently available for all the clients in Essex. Hence, if you require us on short notice – give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you regarding vacuum cleaning repair.


We Can Repair Most Major Vacuum Brands

Our professional engineers are familiar with most major vacuum cleaner brands such as Dyson, Sebo, Gtech, Henry Hoover, Hence, give us a call, and hopefully, we will be there to help you out!

We Provide Quick Vacuum Cleaner Services

We claim to be the quickest and the most proficient vacuum cleaner service providers in Essex. Our company is popular in Essex for providing a quick turnaround. If your vacuum is not performing at par or like-new quality, you can bring it to us, and our service technicians will inspect it. Usually, it is not that big of a fault- all your vacuum needs are cleaning and service for running smoothly again. 

We Provide Free Repair Estimates Over The Phone

When you phone regarding your vacuum, we can offer you a free estimate of the labor and parts that will be required for restoring the full functionality of your vacuum. Our team members have a thorough knowledge of the right parts that are required to fix the faults. 

We Provide Thorough Assistance

We are here to answer all of your queries regarding vacuum cleaning services – our experts are always available to help the clients. You can contact us via Facebook, What's App, Email or by calling us. We are always looking forward to serving you. 

We Offer a Comprehensive Inspection Service

We take great pride in the fact that all our technicians are fully trained and specialize in almost all kinds of services. Whether it is related to checking the cord hooks or cleaning out the bag chamber, they know it all! 

Here is a comprehensive checklist included in our inspection checklist

  • Tightening of Handle Grip 

  • Inspection of Electrical Cords

  • Inspection of for Worn Insulation and Loose Male Plugs

  • Cleaning of Filter Screen & Diffusers

  • Inspection of Air Flow Components 

  • Inspection of Seal Integrity

  • Inspection of Motor for Wear  

  • Checking of Airflow Hoses and Chambers For any kind of Obstructions

  • Cleaning of Belt Pully

  • Cleaning and lubing Brush Roll

  • Inspection Of Belt 

  • Inspection of Safety Features for Function

  • Inspection of HEPA Filters Where Applicable

  • Checking of Light Bulb and Wiring

  • Checking of Bumper and Trim for Wear

The inspection/service is quite necessary for ensuring the healthiness of your vacuum cleaner, and it can keep your vacuum running like-new for years to come!

We Offer Affordable Rates

Our company offers a wide range of customized vacuum services repairs to all the customers at affordable rates. We are a local Essex vacuum service currently providing prices from £35 up to £45. Quite affordable? Hire us now and enjoy a cooperative work environment at low costs!

For all your vacuum servicing & vacuum cleaner repair needs, choose Tyamie vacuum care!