Vacuum Repair In Braintree

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Having vacuum problems with your  vacuum cleaner?

​Don’t throw it out, when we can offer our vacuum repair service Braintree at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

Many people don’t even realise that vacuum cleaners are just like cars, they require regular vacuum servicing to operate properly.

If you’ve got long hair or pets, your vacuum cleaner is having to do extra work just to try to keep your home clean.

For most vacuum cleaner services, we recommend a vacuum service Braintree at least once every year to maintain it's full suction power

Need a vacuum cleaner repair service in Braintree?  you have come to the right place.

Our  team of expert vacuum cleaner repair & vacuum servicing engineers are here to ensure you can

get a vacuum cleaner repairs appointment within a few working days.

With our speedy vacuum repair service, you can save the expense of having to buy a new machine which could end up costing £££ and get your vacuum cleaner back up and running before you have had time to miss it.

We offer vacuum repairs In Braintree

A vacuum cleaner servicing charge

Currently now from £35 upto £45

Please view areas covered page for full price list for your location

Our Braintree vacuum service takes between 45 - 60 mins and consists of the following:

First we check your vacuum cleaners current working condition.

Second a full strip down of your vacuum cleaner removing any blockages along the way. All parts will be cleaned and sanitised to our usual high standards.

Lubricate any dry movable joints.

Every vacuum cleaner part gets inspected for any wear or damage

If any new vacuum parts are required then the engineer will discuss this with you before going ahead.

We then rebuild your vacuum cleaner & test it once more to show you the improvements

* Vacuum service price will not include vacuum parts.

All work is carried out in your own home, We Come To You.

​We cover Braintree as we are a mobile vacuum repair & Servicing company

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