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Tyamie Vacuum Care is a recognized company that covers the regions of Essex Herts and Cambridge. We provide our customers with all types of vacuum repairs services near Chelmsford. We provide you with full service and repairs that your vacuum cleaner might be in need of.

Why is vacuum repair and service important?

Our vacuum repair service in Chelmsford focuses on the importance of regular maintenance of your vacuum cleaner because we realize that the life of a vacuum cleaner depends upon three main factors which illustrated below:

  • Quality of vacuum cleaner

  • Frequency of usage

  • General Maintenance that includes regular service and on-time repairs when needed.

Vacuum cleaners are motors that are usually used daily in most of the houses. Negligence towards the proper maintenance of your vacuum cleaner may reduce its efficiency and life span. Therefore, we at vacuum repairs services Chelmsford pay attention to the repairing and general maintenance services of your vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaners repaired at our Vacuum Repairs Service Chelmsford

Our Vacuum repairs service near Chelmsford provides all the facilities for all types of vacuum cleaners.

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners

  • Upright vacuum cleaners

  • Canister vacuum cleaners

These are three types of vacuum cleaners. We provide repairs and maintenance services for most of these types. Repair services vary depending upon the type of your vacuum cleaner.

How is an upright vacuum cleaner repaired?

Upright vacuum cleaners are comparatively more susceptible to damage but are easy to repair.

The following parts of an upright vacuum cleaner may need repair services.

  • On/off switch

  • Beater bar

  • Drive belt

  • Dirt fan

Repairing on/off switch

The first step is to unplug the vacuum cleaner. Then remove the cover plate. The switch is now exposed. After that, we need to find out that all wires are properly attached to the switch. Afterward, we check the circuits with a tester. If we find any issues with either circuit or switch, we replace it with the appropriate replacement.

Repairing a drive belt

In an upright vacuum cleaner, this belt is designed to pass power to the beater bar from the motor. It needs to be checked once a month. Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with an adjustment to tighten or loosen this belt. If you find that the condition of the belt is affected and it needs to be replaced by us as we follow these steps:

  • Remove one end of the beater bar.

  • Remove the belt from the beater bar by loosening it from the motor pulley.

  • Take the replacement of the drive belt and fix it around the motor pulley and over the beater bar.

  • Now we have to re-fix the beater bar in its place.

  • We make sure to make necessary adjustments to fix the drive belt properly.

Repairing the beater bar

In an upright vacuum cleaner, this part is the first one that comes into contact with dirt. Hence, it is the first component that needs service and may need repair too.

The beater bar is made up of around roller and a row of fibers that are used as a brush. We follow all these instructions to repair the beater bar

  • Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down.

  • Check the beater bar. We find it at the front edge of the housing.

  • Its ends are attached with clips. After that, we remove those clips.

  • Remove the drive belt before lifting the beater bar from the housing of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Remove the end cap and pull out the brush from the casing.

  • Then, we examine and check the parts that may need repair or replacement. We may need to repair the flange, case, or cap.

Repairing the dirt fan

In an upright vacuum cleaner, the dirt that is pulled up by the beater bar is sent to the vacuum bag by this dirt fan. The dirt fan doesn’t need replacement in most cases. It needs maintenance. Cleanse and lubricate the fan thoroughly.

Repairing and servicing a canister vacuum cleaner

Repairing a canister vacuum cleaner includes the involvements of the following parts:

Switch and powerhead wire connection

Our workers make sure that all the connections and circuits are in good condition. After that, they replace or fix any connectors by tightening them where needed.

We provide the services of repairing or servicing a beater bar in a canister vacuum cleaner as it is as same as that in an upright vacuum cleaner.

Motor repair and service

We configure the connections, circuits, and wires with a tester. In case of any malfunction, we fix or replace the worn-out ones.

Services we offer

As our set-up is diversified, we provide Vacuum repairs services Chelmsford by offering our services for the following brands:

  • Dyson repairs and services Chelmsford

  • Gtech repairs and services Chelmsford

  • Sebo repairs and services Chelmsford

  • Henry hoover repairs and services Chelmsford

By giving access to Vacuum Repairs Chelmsford, our company, Tyamie vacuum care, provides its customers with the best-guaranteed repairs and services.

  • We are Online

Our Vacuum Repairs Services Chelmsford is one of the online services, which means you don’t need to bear the hassle of going anywhere to get your vacuum repaired. We are just an appointment away. You book, and we come to you.

  • We are Affordable

One of our services includes Vacuum Service Chelmsford, which provides customers with the best quality services at the most reasonable prices. Coupled with Vacuum Repairs Chelmsford, we provide our services at a relatively low range. The maintenance of any vacuum cleaner is delivered at the prices ranging from £35 to £45. Every individual can afford us easily. Some companies charge more than the price of the appliance itself. Having a qualified facility at such a low rate can provide usefulness in every regard. A combination of affordability and quality work leads to the convenience of the consumers and prospects.

Areas that We Cover

The nature of the provision of our service has diversity. We try our best to reach every area. Some of the areas that we cover across Chelmsford are stated below:

Missions near Chelmsford

Our main value here is to serve our clients to provide the best and high-quality vacuum repair services, Chelmsford. We work as one single unit to identify the needs of our valuable customers and provide them with the best value of products with more safety, more reliability, more efficiency, and more quality. Our only aim is to provide you with convenient and reliable services. We firmly believe in our vacuum repair services and would like you to give us a chance to believe in us too.

Just A Few Of The Areas That We Cover:

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We Offer:

  • dyson servicing chelmsford

  • gtech servicing chelmsford

  • henry hoover servicing chelmsford

  • sebo vacuum servicing chelmsford