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Vacuum Repairs in Stevenage

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Looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner? Well, wait- we suggest you contact us once before getting it. We may diagnose some small issues, and you can prevent spending a hefty amount on the new vacuum cleaner. Our free vacuum cleaner repair service in Stevenage will give you a hint of the existing situation of your vacuum cleaner – whether you need to purchase some new parts or your vacuum only requires a bit of lubing? Based on our consultation, you can decide for yourself.




We Have a Professional Team of Experts 

We are equipped with a professional and skilled team of engineers and experts who are well informed and well aware of all the problems that your vacuum cleaner could be facing. Based on their expertise, they are available to offer you practical solutions. All our technical workers undergo a comprehensive training session before fieldwork. As a result, we can assure you that our service experts will be working diligently to repair your vacuum cleaner.


We Guarantee Premium Quality Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services 

We are one of the best vacuum cleaners in Stevenage offering top-notch services – if you feel that your vacuum cleaner is not working properly, we are here to fix it. We guarantee premium quality work to our clients.


We Ensure Customer Satisfaction 

At Tyamie Vacuum Care, we have a strong focus on achieving customer satisfaction. Our skilled technicians will try their best to make sure that you are happy with the services.


We Offer Free Consultations Over The Phone

Our motto is to cooperate with our clients and be there for them always. Hence, whenever you call us- we are there to provide you free expert help. You can call us or text us for consultations. Our service engineers will evaluate your vacuum cleaner and give you free advice.


We Deal in Most Kinds of Vacuum Cleaner Brands and Problems 

We have been in the business for decades. As a result, we have familiarization with most major brands. Hence, you can get all kinds of vacuum cleaner repair services from us. We can deal with all kinds of vacuum cleaner issues – whether you feel that your vacuum has weak suction or its wheels are broken, we can repair it. Our experts know how to repair the broken belt, the damaged electrical cord wire, or the clogged hose. You name it, and we can fix it! 


​We Offer Fast and Speedy Response 


We always endeavor to offer a fast and quick response to our clients. Our team of expert vacuum cleaner repair and vacuum servicing engineers is here to ensure you can get a vacuum cleaner repairs appointment within a few working days. If you are looking for Vacuum Repair in Stevenage, give us a call- we will be offering a speedy response. With our speedy vacuum repair service, you can save the expense of having to buy a new machine which could end up costing £££ and get your vacuum cleaner back up and running before you have had time to miss it.


We Offer Affordable Rates

Our mission to maintain high standards of work and quality in all our assigned jobs. Our service engineers are dedicated and committed to excellence. We uphold our motto of supreme services at affordable rates. With us, you can rely on a cooperative work environment at affordable prices. We claim to be the cheapest mobile vacuum cleaner repair service in Stevenage.


Vacuum Cleaner Servicing 

Vacuum Cleaners are just like cars- they require regular care and maintenance. Especially if you are living in a home where you have pets, or you have long hair, your vacuum cleaner may be overloaded. Hence, we recommend yearly service to increase the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner. It will cost you only a fraction of the amount but will ensure that your vacuum cleaner stay fit longer. This service is necessary to maintain the vacuum cleaner’s full suction power. 

We offer vacuum repairs In Stevenage Hertfordshire at affordable costs ranging from £35 up to £45 (without parts only labor). 


Our Stevenage vacuum service takes between 45 - 60 mins and consists of the following:

First Step

First, we check your vacuum cleaner's current working conditions. In this step, we evaluate the problems of the vacuum and what measurements should be taken for its repair.


Second Step

Second a full strip-down of your vacuum cleaner removing any blockages along the way. All parts will be cleaned and sanitized to our usual high standards.

Third Step

Lubricate any dry movable joints as sometimes the machine or its part gets old, and with all the dust, it does not provide better performance. All you need is someone who can professionally lubricate the internal parts.


Fourth Step

Every vacuum cleaner part gets inspected for any wear or damage. We give it a closer look, and our professional team goes through all the parts and check the performance of it. So, you can have better cleaning experience.

If any new vacuum parts are required, then the engineer will discuss this with you before going ahead. If you agree with the costs, then we will continue the repair. We then rebuild your vacuum cleaner and test it once more to show you the improvements

Please view the areas covered page for a full price list for your location.

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