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Vacuum Repair Shop - Tyamie Vacuum Care

Your Premier Destination for Expert Vacuum Cleaner Repairs and Service Excellence

Our Expertise:

  • Specializing in Repairing Leading Brands: Dyson, Gtech, Sebo, and Henry Hoover

  • Count on us for swift, reliable solutions tailored to these models.

    Experience hassle-free service with us today!

Vacuum Repair Shop

Tyamie Vacuum Care


Your Trusted Local Vacuum Repair Experts in Harlow, Essex and Beyond

Our dedicated team offers top-level vacuum cleaner repair service, serving Harlow In Essex, Cambridgeshire, and Peterborough. If you're in Cambridgeshire, you can find our vacuum repair services here. We understand the significance of a well-maintained vacuum cleaner for a clean home. Count on us for reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner repairs, ensuring peak performance and cleanliness.

Book a Reliable Vacuum Cleaner Repair Service Near You

We are your local experts when it comes to vacuum cleaner repairs and vacuum servicing in Harlow, Essex, and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of a well-functioning vacuum cleaner for maintaining a clean and tidy home. Our team of experienced technicians specialises in diagnosing and fixing problems with vacuum cleaners, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

Why Choose Our Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop?

  • Quality Vacuum Repairs: With over 20 years of experience, our skilled technicians have the expertise needed to provide high-quality vacuum cleaner repairs for a wide range of vacuum cleaner brands.

  • Affordable Vacuum Cleaner Service: We are committed to keeping our vacuum repair services affordable and competitive, so you don't have to break the bank to get your vacuum cleaner fixed again.

  • Convenient Options: We offer convenient drop-off and collection services in Harlow, making it easy for you to get your vacuum cleaner repaired. Whether you choose to drop off your vacuum or have it collected locally for a small fee, we've got you covered.

  • Regular Vacuum Maintenance: In addition to vacuum repairs, we also provide annual vacuum servicing to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is running at its best. Regular vacuum cleaner maintenance can extend the life of your vacuum and keep it in optimal condition.

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Schedule Your Vacuum Repair Today

Don't replace your vacuum cleaner when it can be repaired cost-effectively. Contact Tyamie Vacuum Care now for affordable and reliable vacuum cleaner repairs and vacuum cleaner servicing.

Convenient Service Hours for Our Harlow Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop and Mobile/In-Home Vacuum Repairs in Cambridgeshire

At our Harlow vacuum cleaner repair shop, we're dedicated to providing you with the best service, and we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible service hours that can accommodate your schedule.

Service Hours at Our Harlow Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop:

  • Tuesday: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Thursday: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Saturday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Mobile & In-Home Vacuum Repairs in Cambridgeshire:

For your convenience, we also offer mobile and in-home vacuum repairs in Cambridgeshire. Our service hours for this option are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:30 AM - 17:30 PM

We believe in providing you with the flexibility to choose the service that suits your needs and schedule. Whether you prefer to visit our vacuum repair shop or have us come to you in Cambridgeshire, we've got you covered. Our commitment is to make the vacuum repair process as convenient as possible for you. Thank you for choosing us for your vacuum repair needs.


Visit Us, You Can Find Our Vacuum Repair Shop At:

Tyamie Vacuum Care Unit C10, Harlow Business Centre, Lovet Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5AF

Expert Vacuum Cleaner Repairs for Leading Vacuum Cleaner Brands Below

  • Dyson Repairs: Trust us to restore your Dyson vacuum cleaner's performance with our precision repairs. For Dyson repairs in Harlow, click here. If you're in Cambridgeshire, you can find our Dyson repair services here.

  • Sebo Repairs: We specialise in repairing Sebo vacuum models, ensuring they deliver optimal performance. For Sebo repairs in Harlow, please follow this link. If you're in Cambridgeshire, you can explore our Sebo vacuum repair services here.

  • Henry Hoover Repairs: If you're a proud owner of a Henry Hoover in Harlow, we're your local solution for comprehensive repairs. Learn more about our Henry Hoover repair services in Harlow. For Cambridgeshire residents, our Henry Hoover repair services are available here.

  • Gtech Repairs: If you own a Gtech vacuum cleaner and it's in need of repair, Tyamie Vacuum Care is your trusted solution. Our technicians specialize in Gtech vacuum repairs. Harlow residents can access our Gtech repair services here, while those in Cambridgeshire can visit our Gtech repair services page.

Book your appointment now for reliable and local vacuum cleaner repairs and vacuum cleaner servicing in Harlow, Essex. At Tyamie Vacuum Care, we are committed to ensuring that your vacuum cleaner functions at its best, making your cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.

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Our Customer Reviews

Hoover Repairs In Harlow

Absolutely brilliant service. It’s not often you find someone that has so much knowledge and really knows what doing and is also trustworthy. I would definitely recommend Tyamie to everyone

Vacuum Repairs In Harlow

Couldn’t be happier with the service. My 18 years old Dyson DC08 died (I thought it was the motor). I phoned and arranged to have it serviced and fixed that day - got it back by 13:00. Amazing service, so took my Dyson V6 handheld in the following week for service and new filters - again faultless customer service. Thank you.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop In Harlow

Great service from start to finish. Would recommend them. Friendly and polite and knowledgeable. Will be using this company again and recommending them to my friends.

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